Forever Francis Libiran

Francis Libiran J’s Diamond Jewelry World renowned  fashion designer Francis Libiran and J’s Diamond  Jewelry, recently launched Forever Francis Libiran, a bridal fashion show featuring  distinct wedding and engagement ring collections, each piece is expertly timeless, stylish and with classy minimalist design.   In photo are Francis Libiran, J’s Diamond President /CEO  Kenneth Mau, flanked… Read More

That December Giveaway

It’s been 3 months since I started writing for the Ugly Writers, well with that, I also went back logging-in on my Twitter account. With so much gusto, I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and retweeted different posts, pictures, book reviews from friends and of course our write ups from our site (you know you’d like to read them!… Read More

Mimai Reborn

MIMAI REBORN   ROCK ME AMADEUS… When you are surrounded by classical singers in the family while you are growing up, people expect you to end up just like them. You tend to be swallowed by the endless vocalizations and breathing techniques just to reach the highest notes.   Well, not for this young lady… Read More