Black and Blue

Each submission has been carefully curated to provide both writers and readers a melancholic and grim feel as a stark contrast to February’s otherwise cheery atmosphere.

The pain locked inside me

I never expected anything too much from you..because for me, what and who you are is enough.
I just don’t understand, why it has to take time before we get the closure between us.

Miss Quoted

They say words can be used to indicate similarities and differences of other people. But the most vital contribution is to bring forth encouragement and positive ideas to the ones reading it.

Let go and walk away

You have walked away many times, even ran away from every bad decision, leaving this one behind will surely ease off the burden from your shoulders and most especially your heart.

Unblocking Myself

It has been a year. A year without holding a pen guilty purely for one reason; writing. And so, as this dreadful year ends, here’s to the invisible barrier surrounding my mind ending as well.

Battle scars

I witnessed two of the most important women in my life die in front of me. With a license as a registered nurse at hand, I really felt useless.

Blindfolded love

I believe that when people used to close their eyes
And see who they really are within them
That was the time when they started to shine.
And begins to love… the purest love of loving themselves.