(Find Time To) Break Up With Yo...

Posted on April 5, 2017, by Kora Kaaghaz Find Time To Break Up With Yourself You might have been in many relationships in your life. However, there’s none more dysfunctional, depressing, agonizing and sometimes, more harmonious, then the one between your head and your heart! We all have those quiet times when we sit alone, […]

Why I Adore My Married Life

I was branded the black sheep of the family. Like Marisse from Harping by a Pixie, I loathe family gatherings, our yearly reunions that suck the life out of me for a day, social parties that revolve around who is now earning more and the numbing wakes and funerals I am “required” to attend because people […]

Better Latte than Ever

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I look for is a cup of coffee- and the first thought that pops in my mind is you. I don’t know which of the two is more responsible for making my heart jolt and perking me up for a new day. How will I […]

5 Major Types of F*ckboys

Disclaimer: For mature audience only Probably the soundest dating mantra in the age of hook-up culture is, “no time for fuckboys”. And yet, because of the times we live in, we’re probably going to come across a fuckboy nine times out of ten. And unless we never want to have sex again, we may just […]

Once a Family

Boys and girls may break your heart, nothing that can’t be healed by a few bottle of beers and litter of tears. But trust me when I say, once a family member breaks your heart, regardless a number of tears you cried, or the number of bottled beers you’ve drunk, it won’t be healed. It […]

The Tools of Change Chapter 3.2

Continued from Ch 3.1: The Tools of Change Chapter 3.1 V: – Things better with W. Stopped bickering. But I’m aware of how difficult it is to be grateful or positive around him. When he complains so much. Syl: – Yes. Negativity is a contagious disease. V: – It’s the “I’m superior” complaining. Everything/everyone is […]

The Tools of Change – Ch ...

The Tools of Change  Chapter 3.1. Not being Affected by the Emotions of Others  I make a deliberate effort in conversations such as these to avoid Traditional Psychology. Even casual usage of the terms involved wherever possible. It is to avoid Perspective skew. Traditional Psychology has a very particular bias, one that causes many problems. It […]

Turning Mistakes To Valuable Le...

You aren’t the first person to feel remorseful after doing a wrong deed. Neither are you the first to promise yourself never to do that again. However, you find your self in it again, you almost feel like there’s no way out. Just about everyone has lost faith in you, they don’t trust you anymore. […]

City Life Struggle

Life in the city can sometimes be overwhelming. It is fast and demanding. It requires you to exert a lot of effort and forces you to take it up a notch every single day. A simple and ordinary day in the city does not seem so simple and ordinary at all. It is a challenge, heck, it […]

Dream + Girl = YOU

It all started with a dream, I looked at you, and tried to make the dream to reality. You looked at me, But I wasn’t the person who you want to be. It all started with a dream, I looked at myself, I’m a girl too. By SuperM Facebook

My brave love

To the girl I know who can get through anything. Dysfunctional family fights. Messed up school system. Sibling fights. Heartbreaks. Ended friendships. The worst of the worst. Whenever the world hurts you, I know you fake a smile and keep on going as if nothing happened, as if everything’s okay, as if you’re perfectly fine, […]

The Foundation of Integrity

“When it comes to trust and mistrust – it is most useful to be able to apply both at the same time…and neither. Then it is we start to develop Discernment.” – From: Perspectives by The New Nobility Syl: – I would like to ask you if you think Y (Your partner) has Respect for […]