the ugly writers

Only Onwards

A lot of us who have had to deal with the tribulations of life so young, realize it young too. What is there to sugarcoat when you do not even truly have the means to?
the ugly writers

Zip Code Shuffle

Switching zip codes has gone beyond demographic transformation. A change in mailing address can be a blast from the past that hits you right in the feels.

Do You Still Hear That Small Voice?

would like to leave certain questions that would allow us to search the voice from deep within, especially nowadays that we are dealing with cancel culture, though this could apply to any other aspect of our lives as well.

Love Unveiled

Love is not merely shared; it’s a covenant with someone extraordinary, a treasure beyond measure, a tapestry woven from the threads of connection, vulnerability, and devotion.
the ugly writers

I Can’t Say Goodbye To You

You're not good for me. You make me feel things that I don't want to feel. You hurt me, you lie to me, you cheat on me. You don't respect me, you don't value me, you don't love me.


Uncomprehendingly silence sipped into us, taking the warmth away, stirring the abyss of ravages and penetrating the cracks more in a vulnerable way.