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Come And Let’s Dance

Let it be known that in this dance we are having, we need to synchronize our steps, we need to mentaly acknowledge our counts, we should go along the rhythm, listen and anticipate every timings, ready for any sudden transitions and perform the smooth actions to achieve the gracefulness of the pause.

Unexpected Life

Unexpected Life is an essay written by CesarR Banaag Jr and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Catharsis: Healing Through Narrative for the month of June   Unexpected Life   This is something I didn’t expect, Suddenly everything…

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We Write Together

Writing is tonic, medicinal, it eases the pain. Writing can almost be antiseptic, even antibiotic, easing old infections before they can spread and worsen, drag down the spirit, darken the soul. Writing can stop and sometimes reverse the decay of life.
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(this is untitled)

I am hoping for the right time again to see and touch you. I am praying that time would just go swiftly because as of now, i am missing you. I miss every part of you
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My breakup story

My Breakup Story is written by Earl Matthew Fontillas and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Oh Snap! for the month of August   My Breakup Story   Among many different things I have tried in my life,…

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Silent Scream

Why does it so hard to be happy? Why can't we choose what we really want? Why can't we love the one we really love?
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I regret every single day I made her cry. I regret being a stubborn kid. But most of all, I regret not spending her last hours with her. You know, the idea of losing her hurts a lot. But that very moment that I lost her, I lost a huge part of my life. A portion of me died with her.