Sit With Me In The Dark

I wanted to scream so loud, but I don't want anyone to hear my heart breaking any more than it does. And I just want to calm the chaos on my mind. Even just for a second.
the ugly writers

Stifled by Sadness

If only I can be taken back to the good old days, the days where you have to discover the world by touching, smelling, seeing and it will be your world no boundaries, imagination is the limit.
the ugly writers


Are you still watching every breaking of dawn up there? Oh sure, you still. Maybe you're still touching my nose every time I sigh, or laugh or sneeze.


But I want to tell you, that it’s actually fine not to be fine. It’s okay if you’re sad. It’s normal if you want to cry. And it’s fine even if you’re feeling nothing at all at the same time.
the ugly writers

Never Give Up

I've carried this along the way. It was hard for me knowing that I don't have anyone to share with. But since you are my little buddy, I choose to open up to you than to anyone.
the ugly writers

Dating Around

What does dating around mean? Dating around means constantly jumping from dating one person to another (most of the time not by choice, I swear to God). This has become the current dating trend, going alongside the infamous “Hook up…