Charlottesville Tragedy

Charlottesville Tragedy Charlottesville is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, home to the University of Virginia and also, to the third and fifth U.S. Presidents, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe respectively. Due to the recent removal of some of the confederate icon statues all over the United States and the approval of the […]

The Ghost of You

“I’ve been a train wreck since you left. There are days when I swear I’m fine but then one trigger from you makes my hands shake so much that I spilled my coffee. I’m half insane here living with the ghost of you, the way you kiss my hands, your scent, your hands. You’ve left […]

FEMINISM – You’ll l...

The word feminism means equality of rights of both the genders. God created men physically stronger than women to do things requiring power. However, there might be a few exceptions. Similarly, God made women equally, but differently powerful. Oh, our endurance and patience! We can bear children which men can not. Feminism is the belief […]

Super Hero

​Maybe we really are not bound to fly. But nobody said our spirit cannot soar high. When I was a kid, I’ve always thought I could fly (I was a very imaginative kid back then). I emulate my favorite super heroes. I thought that I could be a super hero, fighting bad guys, helping the […]

Be Kind to Yourself

by Joan Rostata


by The Letter Thief

Much Ado About The Loo (A Refle...

I remember Spider-man whining about how having superpowers is both a blessing and a curse. You know what I think is both a blessing and a curse? PUBLIC RESTROOMS. Public restrooms provide the momentary, but immediate and much-needed comfort and relief. It’s not meant to, but it often serves as a witness and venue for […]

When Death Knocks Closer To Hom...

When Death Knocks Closer to Home

By Marisse Lee

Love Thy Enemy

Love Thy Enemy

By Harping by a Pixie

Quoting the Self

Quoting the Self

By Syl Dinada

Death Takes The Individual

Yesterday, the rock world lost a legend. Chester Bennington. The Linkin Park front man committed suicide and was found hanging at his home. He was forty-one years old and he leaves behind six children. There was (and continues to be) an outpouring of tributes for the singer with some of my Facebook friends and people […]

What We Can Do To Support Peopl...

What We Can Do To Support People With Breast Cancer

By Diah Dwi Arti