[wp-night-mode-button style=”1″] ​Time is fleeting…  The exact words ring truth.  Because losing a loved one when you least expect it will make you regret every single time you didn’t say I love you.  You’ll regret the time when you partied and dated and forgot to call or text.  You’ll regret Read more…


[wp-night-mode-button style=”1″] All I know is silence envelops the universe. Along with darkness, it binds us in an eternal void that can be both pristine and dire. Silence is hallow. It is inevitable. It is natural. It causes us fear; it reminds us of the Great Unknown – something peculiar Read more…

Personal year-end wrap up

[wp-night-mode-button style=”1″] It is but a few hours left before we start another year, another batch of endless possibilities. But before we welcome 2017, I’d like to take a moment and reflect what I’ve accomplished this year. Realizing a goal before every end of the year is something new to Read more…

A Christmas Gift

[wp-night-mode-button style=”1″]      I had this belief that Christmas nowadays is for children only. Why? Because they are the only ones who are excited to celebrate Christmas – there are gifts everywhere, they are excited to see their cousins, go to places, visit other relatives, join many reunions… It Read more…

Facebook No More

[wp-night-mode-button style=”1″] Dear FB friends, Due to Facebook Security’s inability to do its job correctly (reporting obviously fake profiles and they would just shrug you off saying they see nothing wrong with it), may I suggest a good alternative? Google Plus has been up for some time now and I Read more…

My Soon to be Christmas Date

[wp-night-mode-button style=”1″] Chestnuts roasting on an open fire  Jack Frost nipping at your nose  Yuletide carols being sung by a choir  And folks dressed up like Eskimos… Christmas carols in the air, wine glass in my hand, the cool breeze touching my cheeks, the lights humming along with the kids singing from Read more…


[wp-night-mode-button style=”1″] Why does feelings grow and grow and you can’t do anything to stop it from evolving. Why do I feel unhappy whenever you shower them more attention and not even glancing at me. Why did you treat me so differently when it’s just us but with others around I feel Read more…

Welcome to New York! (It’s been waiting for you…)

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The flashing lights, the urban sounds, the heartbeats of its people going round and round; New York never cease to amaze me.

Of all the wondrous places in this world, I admire New York’s lights the most. It glitters when the world seems to be lost, flashes when the world seems to find itself.

The Big Apple represents life. When you first go to the city, you find yourself lost to the thoughts of the people who seem to want something more. Only dreamers can enter and survive the wild, wild world that New York is.

New York is the ideal place for optimists and idealists, of people who has open minds on everything the world has to offer.

It is one of the few places in the world wherein anyone can fit perfectly to its mind-boggling puzzle. Every culture, race, age, gender is welcome here. As long as you dream, you are most certainly welcome here.

Achieving something is what everyone wants. Work hard and achieve something left and right; fail and you’ll falter hard.

Dare to dream and you’ll know if you are fit to achieve something great. New York is the clear mirror of life – its struggles and challenges, as well as its greatness and success.

New York is waiting for you!

The lights are so bright but they never blind me.