the ugly writers

I am Industrious

Industry - A representation of how we view our function as well as the day-to-day tasks that we are assigned to do. We simply work hard and know how to manage our time, effort, and resource." In that statement, I saw that I am an industrious person.
the ugly writers

I Am Innovation

Innovation isn’t something that an individual could quickly sort out. A person should be courageous and dedicated enough to meet all the expectations settled. It would be really hard for a kid to change or accomplish something out of this world but it will be a great lesson and a huge help to becoming a bigger person in the near future.
the ugly writers

Butterflies in your stomach

Love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a certain thing or person. Love is something that makes you feel having little butterflies in your stomach whenever you see or thinking of that certain person or thing.
the ugly writers

I Am Resilient

You can’t achieve success overnight nor in a blink of an eye. You have to go through the process and struggle. You will encounter hardships and challenges that will make you stronger and tougher.

Sit With Me In The Dark

I wanted to scream so loud, but I don't want anyone to hear my heart breaking any more than it does. And I just want to calm the chaos on my mind. Even just for a second.
the ugly writers

Stifled by Sadness

If only I can be taken back to the good old days, the days where you have to discover the world by touching, smelling, seeing and it will be your world no boundaries, imagination is the limit.
the ugly writers


Are you still watching every breaking of dawn up there? Oh sure, you still. Maybe you're still touching my nose every time I sigh, or laugh or sneeze.