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Choose YOU

You have a choice to stay away from negativity. You have a choice to change for the better. All of us have made mistakes, all of us have been hurt, it is up to you how you would like to move forward.
the ugly writers

What Ails You

It is a feeling of possessiveness. The idea of having that person is totally joyful and you never care about what really is reality. Keeping that person within your reach is one thing that you first establish.
the ugly writers

Love Struck

I will love you behind the cameras When nobody's looking and it's just us I will love you And only you With not much that I have But with this much that I can


Missed is an essay written and shared by Mira Dizon to The Ugly Writers under the theme Love for the month of May.   Missed   Saying the word “I miss you” isn’t a sufficient thing. I would like to…

the ugly writers

Walang Gana

Oo, nakakapagod na ang makipabuno sa takbo ng buhay ngayon. Minsan ay naisip mo na rin na sana ay maglaho ka nalang na parang bula upang matapos na ang lahat. Lahat ng nararanasan mong pagkabagot, paghihirap at pagka antala sa iyong buhay.
the ugly writers

See Through the End

Change is constant, nothing's permanent. What's important is that we must know how to cope in these trying times. The ending does not necessarily mean we're doomed. Let's all get through the darkness until we see the light at the end of the tunnel.
the ugly writers


Why do I feel so emotionally invested when I see or hear your name. Why does sadness creep into me whenever I think of you. Why does happiness seep through me each time your face appears on my memory.