the ugly writers

Tissues and Crookedness

This is just a daydream. Can you pick your phone back once more? Dial my number for the first time in nine years. Say your hello again and I'll say mine sweeter.

My Journey As A Writer

This was the time when writing escalated through my heart  and I escaped from the darkness. I turned into a nomad from then, I swam the ocean of quotes, traveled from the countries of verses  to the valleys of poems…
the ugly writers


There's still One life left. Only to find in the end... That the missing piece Is you...


paano ko nanaising magpatuloy kung sa bandang huli ay maraming mawawala? sapat na sakin ang dalawampu't walong taon na nasilayan ko ang kariktan ng daigdig,
the ugly writers


this world is graceless and a bit mediocre. this world is heartless and as are the people who inhabit it.

Meet Me

You told me of your dreams And I told you everything About joy and hurt and love gone dim You only smiled and pulled me near I still love that you were the one Who could chase away my fear