Dalawang Daan

Dalawang Daan is a poem written by Mary-Ann Bellong and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck with Memories for the month of October   Dalawang Daan   Dalawang daan Halagang aking hiniling Pambayad sa edukasyon Pandagdag ng…

the ugly writers

Super Blue Moon

Saturated powder blue woes build, Unlike any other moon beyond the field, Perhaps, ‘tis a rabbit hole or naught at all,
the ugly writers

The Voice In You

What happened to the voice in you? I wonder if it's still there or hidden in an igloo I wasn't expecting such an obvious clue But the thought of it surely chasing you in blue
the ugly writers

Tag-Ulan at Iyong Alaala

Sa pakikinig ng pagbuhos ng ulan, Hindi man sadya ngunit na aalala ka na naman, Bumabalik sa nakaraan, nakaraang minsan kong pinanabikan at pinanghawakan, Na sana'y umabot ng walang hanggan.


Gears of empathy, connections they make, Building bridges, no barriers to break. With compassion's touch, hearts align, Love's unifying, endless sign.
the ugly writers


Let me find my reasons to live and hope. Don’t allow anger cuts our connection, Tie our words to create a combination.