the ugly writers

Elegant Deception

We cast our votes in Incredulous motions and Bleed our incomes in the palms of the few elites who Perspire lies on our Egregious screens conspiring with Insanity as a means!
the ugly writers


Bakit hindi mapunasan ang bumabaybay na luha ng sariling imahe sa loob ng salamin Pilitin ko man pasukin ang repleksyon para yakapin at patahanin

Show or Tell

Know the difference between being in love and being in a relationship because you can be in love with someone but you can't be in a relationship with them. Knowing the difference is key for having a real emotional connection that solidifies a long lasting love life
the ugly writers

I did

When I looked into your eyes I didn't drown because it was deep It was shallow as nothing Yet your tears were overflowing

Leaving You

By the time you read this, Things may not be the same, The sun might shine dimmer, And stars might earn the fame.
the ugly writers


Kung tunay kang nagmamahal, kahit malayo man kayo, nananatiling magkarugtong ang inyong puso na hindi mo siya itinatanggi sa ibang tao at buo mong ipagmamalaki siya sa buong mundo.
the ugly writers

Love and Poetry

Because of her, my heart knows whose lips- I've been dreaming of; because they tell me, he loves me as we share homes- our hearts filled with tomorrow's hopes.