the ugly writers

As He Smokes

He tries to assure himself that he's not but he can't, all evening he cries himself to sleep asking why was he too much of a good thing and too terrible for a bad thing
the ugly writers


We lean on a barrier, two meters apart from each other. Facing the sea; watching the sunset, The calmness of water makes you move.
the ugly writers

Strong Heart

​Strong Heart is poem written by Khazran Khan and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Through My Eyes for the month of March   Strong Heart   Today let me narrate a tale, A tale of a gloomy…

the ugly writers


When I saw you, I felt something inexplicable. It’s as to how the universe is perfectly aligned. But no, I don’t love you.

Learn To Ignore!

gnore those who are there just to criticise, As long as you're strong and know how to rise, The ridicule of others is nothing but words.
the ugly writers

Songs On Obsession

I grab the paper cigar box and rattle it around to see if something’s left Turing up the radio Walking towards the kitchen I need coffee now This is how I wake up