the ugly writers


I'll choose only those spontaneous moments Where our hearts fluttered And hurl those scarring events Where our hearts suffered
the ugly writers


I spent all Sunday morning Shredding Polaroids from Last night, almost wanting To save some.
the ugly writers

In Quarantine

Now under quarantine, I think everyone is forced to do exactly that. The world is forced into a quietness that should have happened long ago, every day, all the time.
the ugly writers

Ang Nakaraan

Kaya ikaw, ikaw na ang hirap kalimutan. Naging dahilan ng pagluha sa mga unan. Ako man ay nahirapan, dapat parin kitang pasalamatan. Sa bawat pag patak ng luha ako may natutunan. Mahulog sayo ay hindi kasalanan o kamalian.
the ugly writers


It's been a while Since I saw your smile As always you made me calm I stare passionately...
the ugly writers


Because I am a walking paper, forever attracted to the pain that causes my ink to leak I am addicted, I am okay I am okay I am okay Or am I?
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Not In The Morning

Softly, my eyes open. I didn’t want to, but it’s already morning. And my heart breaks yet again. I barely slept, and facing you in my dreams had been an ordeal. Nothing had been easy since you left. And then…
the ugly writers


And the winds of the night that are ridden By the things that are old without age. Far beyond a mere man’s understanding, I have been to all places of dread.