cotton candy

Cotton Candy

There is no store to taste the cloud candy everyone have bought I want one too, even just a little bite of that fluffy sweet pink swirls you've indulged Perhaps, the fire destroyed the store and the water washed down the swirls
burnt candle, snuffed out, burn out, dying

Dying Passion

Maybe it's the curse of adulting, feels like little by little the fire in me is slowly fading, I feel like what I want is not what I am meant for, 'cause everytime I try, I get tired


Voices all around, in my head, they can be found. It's getting too much, can't escape; I long for a hush.
the ugly writers


I have mastered stitching back my stitches Plastering back my cracks Gluing back as many pieces as I can And I need no one to hand me my tools I need no care to run my machine
the ugly writers

Tossing Heads

bloody sun busy in tossing building heads like an evening toast Shards fell like playing cards’ houses, Skylit with firefly dropping fire