if only

IF Only

If only we can be true to ourselves And say what is in our hearts Then maybe we could say That we are truly happy and free If only we can be strong and brave In wearing our hearts in…

Rain (dear)

I like it when you pour down From heaven to the ground And I’m listening to your sound Like a heartbeat I own. Funny, you come down Without intending to stay Like pain that will just go away And sometimes…


He is a beautiful mistake that's waiting to happen. If she doesn't leave now, she fears she may never want to.


Hanggang dito na lang ba at sadyang paalam na? Bakit ganun diko tanggap na sa piling ko’y wala ka na


When joy comes in your life Let it rest in your hand Like a dainty butterfly But hold it not As one day it will pass   When sorrow comes a-visiting Receive it with open heart Look at it with…
Poet's Creed

Poet’s Creed

Searching for reasons of all the things in this treason. Finding his sail for direction, can’t barely make any motion
love online the ugly writers

Love Online

Ever tried online dating? Here's another great poem entry by our regular contributor Sir Eyyy about love found online.