I miss you, like the empty bottles missing its own content I miss you, like the bakery who runs out of bread at night I miss you, like the clown who goes home at night alone I miss you, like…
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The Booze Of Loving You

I used to kiss your lips,now it has to be this bottle of beer. It’s so different, but the effect is the same – Addictive. I can’t stop caressing, the neck of beer bottle and imagining it’s yours. Lovely. I’m…

A love typed, not a love told

For once I want to erase you in my head, Yet my mind has its own heart to beat for you. And now it’s fingers turn – typing love letters only for you. Except only this is one way conversation.…
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The Shadow Of Our Past

The shadow of our past is haunting like a nightmare In my daydreaming. 
 It lurks at the grimace Of this scars – This Un-band aided heart of mine.  
 That shadow of our past, Is a thug inside my…
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We are the tires keeping the body in balance –the body is our love holding us together. 
 Yet the biker is gone to fix us. 
 We’re wrecked. 
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Goodnight means goodbye!

There’s no more timefor crying since I’ve cried a river for you.  And I never regret it, because I’m meant to do it. I was destined to love you and to learn how to set myself free – free from…

The Poem You Read In My Body

My eyes – full of stars as you gaze at me. Fireworks of heartbeat, I feel with too much glee. You kiss my forehead – I wanna die with you on my bed. But tell me first what is left…
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When I get jelly

You won’t probably feel it.But it is between I make love to you.  Jealous, to the idea that I am sharing my whole self to you. Hoping you’ll leave a piece of me.  Don’t take everything –  Leave some pieces…
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Empty Days

Days running like an empty sheet of paper – uninked. An unlived hours of living – as dry as the desert. Nothing to feel; not famished or parched. This days when there’s no memory to remember. Nothing but an empty well.…
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True Love

True love is rarity and something I can no longer find in the dictionary.Yet, it’s something I can find in Disney and in my fantasy. True love is a kite and it’s kind of thing that flies and falls. But…
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Everyday and forever 

I want to write you a love letter.Only I run out of words to say – Will I miss you can suffice how I feel? When I love you is not enough to tell. How I want you to be…
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Love is alcohol

Love is alcohol at 12%.It’s good for the heart. Love is alcohol, I am tipsy. It’s my temporary insanity. Love is alcohol – it’s making me high.  It’s the heaven I found in you. Love is alcohol – I get…