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Piggy Bank

I saved too much love in the called piggy bank. Everyday I saved one so someday I can meet someone. Someone whom my piggy bank belongs. Someone whom I could get along. Then one day my piggy bank got full.…

That thing called JEALOUSY!

Like cavities forming anywhere in my teeth. Somehow unwanted, But I can’t help it! It’s like wrinkles, Forming on my forehead. It’s quite wonderful to age. Yet, something I want to fade. That thing called jealousy.
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I am lazy To move on from you. It’s like getting up At 6AM on a Monday morning. And avoiding EDSA To make me forget about you. I’m too lazy now To stop. It’s like cutting your orgasm. You can’t…
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You’re like an egg’s shell – broken. Like a mosaic. Made of pieces. You’re an art – beautiful. Like an abstract. Full of perplexity. You’re too much and less enough. You’re a paradox of hate and love. You’re the dawn…
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2D1N in his heart

Some days come surprisingly extraordinary Like how he came into your life. Made you feel not a princess but treated you as a woman. What else is there you look for? Other than being spoiled with honesty and sincerity? That 2D1N…
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F (riends) ONLY

If only opposites repel Then we wouldn’t feel stuck Like this. If only time is made of hollow blocks Then maybe we could cement To freeze this moment. If only ending comes first, Then we must skip it. Let’s just…
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What I Long

I long to laugh when you crack a lame joke, Even there’s nothing to laugh at, I will laugh with you, And even if I lost all my teeth, I’ll be there beside you just to laugh at anything. I…