Damn That Mother Chucker –...

First things first, thank God Jenny Humphrey finally left the show at some point. Yes, it was inevitable, but she was the most problematic hoe I’ve ever had to put up with. And to be frank, I didn’t see why the viewers needed another girl who wanted to be apart of the “it crowd” when […]

The Good Life 2017

Not my first, and definitely not my last 🙂 I really wanted to write about a lot of things, but the main reason why I reformatted my blog is to have an advocacy, a theme and something that will inspire and help people to look at how good life can be. I am a Psychology major […]

The Ugly Side of Blogging

You think writing is all bells and whistles? You’re wrong.  This is the Ugly Side of Blogging.  Some of you guys and gals reading this are probably site owners yourself, or have been following us on The Ugly Writers wordpress reader feed on the WordPress app. I can’t think of any reason for you not […]

Book Review: The Best of the Mo...

The Morning Rush Book Review

Movie Review: Kita Kita

Title: Kita Kita Director: Sigrid Bernardo Actors: Empoy Marquez, Alessandra De Rossi Combined Rating: 4.5 Stars Elaine Says: Last July 22, 2017 Me and my friends went to Eastwood to watch the movie Kita Kita, we were excited to watch this because of Sapporo Japan, and yes, also because the actors in this movie was the […]

Book Review: Bucket List to Lov...

Title: Bucket List to Love Author: C.P. Santi Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆(5/5) I recently watched the movie Kita Kita which was also set in Japan, specifically Sapporo, Japan which I really really love (but that’s for a different review haha). So, yeah right now anything Japanese related will pick my interest and yes this book screams Japanese […]

Tv Show Review: Riverdale

Riverdale Review

By Tracy

Liar Game

Liar Game

Star-Studded: Repertory PH Remi...

Repertory Philippines Coverage

By The Blue Poet

Blog Tour Book Review: Another ...

Blog Tour Book Review: Another Word for Happy by Agay Llanera

April Book Haul

April is such a busy month and I know that my book haul was really very few. But nonetheless, I loved my haul. Recently, I’ve been very active in promoting local works and local authors especially #romanceclass books. So, most of my monthly haul included a romance class book among other things. And, yes this month’s haul is […]

3 Great Entertainment Apps not ...

1. Tubemate There are many fake YouTube downloaders on the Google Play Store but the one that actually works is surprisingly not on it. TubeMate has been up since Android Froyo years and you’d be surprised as to how it survived that long without being bought or shut down. You’ll also be surprised that it […]