Tekken for Android

we have all come to embrace the mobile adaptations of Max Payne and GTA (all variations) and a lot of the popular racing games and RPG games once available on PC and consoles only. The fighting game was left eating dust until now.

Importance of Political Science for the Students

Communication has a powerful influence on politics and vice versa. We, students would able to communicate an understanding of political communication as a field of study within political science, specifically the major concepts and the general approaches it adopts to the study of the mass media of communications.

Hang the DJ – Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 4

Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology that gives us a view of the human psyche given a piece of technology not so far from what we have now. Set in a universe where transferring your digital self-consciousness is possible or having a playback feature for all our memories can be done and shared visually, imagine the effects it could have on the things we normally go through with every day.

Tips in Preventing Eye Abuse on Screen Displays

Whether you are studying, working, having fun or just staying home, our eyes are unpreventably glued to these LCD/LED screens all day. While abusing it can sometimes be overlooked, worse got ignored by most of us, staring on screens for long will damage our eyes from symptoms as minor as itchiness, blurriness and headaches, commonly known as eyes strain
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Best Camera Smartphones of 2017 Under Php 20k

While specs and features level up, the tag price of also go sky rocket on flagship phones like iPhone X, Samsung Note8, Google Pixel 2 or Huawei Mate10. While these phones costs a lot of money, you can also decent camera phones in half the price or less of these flagships, hence, introducing the mid-rangers.

Goku’s New Super Saiyan Form

A Peek at Dragon Ball Super’s Leveled-up characters Yes, we are all excited with the Dragon Ball Z 1 Hour Special. Dragon Ball Z fans are doing everything it takes to have their own spoilers. Much is being anticipated with…