the ugly writers


That evening she burnt her curry while cooking – this tiny incident made her realize that she had to act fast. Sitting and worrying was not being of any help.
the ugly writers

Spork Theory

My contribution to The Noble Enterprise of Science is an entirely mathematically-consistent model in which sporks plow into each other, stick together, and become particles. 

Never Underestimate

Never underestimate the power of good morning texts, apologies, and random compliments.  Because they will always matter and mean more than you can imagine.


I feel powerful and in control for the first time in ages, and I have a purpose now. I open the front door and walk outside into the street, and the lightning starts, as do the screams.
eyes of the redeemer

Eyes of the Redeemer

The blood, though, it was bright, sanguine, oxygenated, oozing from ruptures in the hands and feet, from a forehead scratched, a back scoured, a side rent. Strange, I hadn’t noticed it on the way in. I guess my mind was elsewhere.
if only

If Only

They slowly drifted apart. The man turned to his friends for fun. The woman left alone to cry out her tears while waiting for him to come back.
fully me

Fully Me

I realized this morning as I pulled in to the parking lot, that I was filled with angst. I wasn't nervous but realized I was apprehensive.  I have spent my life encouraging, speaking truth to and guiding women, so what were all these unsettling feelings I was dealing with?
the ugly writers

The Experience

You have each made it past kindergarten and first grade and are safe in second grade. I'm passing out some vouchers, if you come back within the next three weeks, you may bypass Sid, if you like, and start from here in the break room