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Empowering Content Creation with CMS

Creating content has become crucial for both individuals and organizations in the rapidly changing digital landscape. Effective management, coordination, and collaboration are required to deliver compelling and engaging content. CMS platforms provide a full range of features and capabilities that…

the ugly writers


Isang senyales lamang Panginoon. Sapagkat naririnig ko na ang tren. Napakalakas ng tunog nito.Nararamdaman ko na ang pagyanig ng lupa habang ang aking mga palad ay nakalapat habang ako ay humihingi ng kapatawaran.Nang maya-maya pa ay...
the ugly writers

Coffee, Life and Humanity

It was a dark night, and the dawn came wet and cold, it was miserable. In a way the drizzle was worse than real rain, leaving spots on eyeglasses and windshields.
the ugly writers

The Life Of A Candy Bar

Almost home, he passed kids playing and wrecking havoc in Mr. Almond Joys yard, though he didn't seem to joyed. Mrs. Hershey was already home awaiting their evening together and out on the town to Fifth Ave. place.
the ugly writers

Rain and Coffee

Something happened. Her thoughts collapsed like the switching off of a hologram projector. Claudia stepped out of character. No, it was she, who wanted to be the girl in the Baker’s arms. But not in the present, at a different time.
the ugly writers

Aging Backwards

Die first and get this out of the way.  Pass the wisdom of age onto a younger version of myself when my vitality is at its peak and end up a glimmer in my parent’s eye.  What an intriguing idea!  Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.  Time marches on, and all of us yields to the unchanging law of entropy.
the ugly writers

May The Night Take Me

She wouldn’t look at me, but kissed me hard and told me she loved me. Loved me so much it hurt. As I laid in that bed wincing from the pain in my leg, I didn’t ask her to promise she would return to me.
the ugly writers

The Mansion and I

I could feel a glare directed at me. I smiled then I snapped my fingers three times while chanting some words. The room suddenly became vibrant and I was staring at only one person now.
the ugly writers

A Single Note From My Heart

Minsan, tanggap mo nalang na lagi kang failure. Pero bakit? Bakit palagi nalang? Bakit ang iba ang saya-saya kasi nakuha na nila yung happiness nila sa buhay? Bakit yung iba, simple ang buhay pero napakasaya? Bakit ako? Nabibili ko na ang nais ko.
the ugly writers

Mom’s Luggage

Unfortunately, a flood of water seeping in the basement of her old rambler home ruined the luggage set and they had to be thrown in the trash. She was sorry to see them go.