the ugly writers

Beneficial Unrealism

To Master Expectations, we do need to develop the ability to be able to absolutely, with complete 100% conviction, Expect the improbable and unlikely. Perhaps we know from experience when by chance, we had such Expectations, and they were met, it is something that *Can* happen.
the ugly writers

December 1st

I am LITERALLY a whole different person than I was in 2017. Last year taught me humility, and this year taught me courage. Last year was life-changing, but this year was redemption. I never thought I could still go back to being the old, happy, confident girl that I used to be. 
Syl Sabastian theuglywriters

A Deluge of Comfort

Drought always ends in rain. Sometimes, the profoundly obvious, is also profoundly impactful. We received rain last night, after half a year of no-rain. I love the rain. Rain brings me joy, comfort, peace and a profound happiness. It’s as…

Treasure hunter

Back in my younger days,I always find myself learning things the hard way. I always end up in a confusing situation, lost and sometimes miserable. I’m always the impulsive decision maker, go with the flow type of person with no…

Book Reviews anyone?

Was recently invited to be a part of this awesome site, me posting some of my book reviews, book hoards maybe or even book signings i have attended here. So i was delighted and thankful and kind of excited for…

Your way or the highway

You may have gotten on an unlucky streak. Nothing’s going your way. You didn’t get that promotion you think you deserve, You just got dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend, You keep being denied on your visa application, You cannot hail a…