the ugly writer

Time Traveler

The eyes unfold and the story aligns-- rain from the sky sounds like punches I learned in my garage and Dad’s body rippled like the windows at night.
the ugly writers


Kailan ako makakaalis? Sa makamundo at maruming gawain Ang diyos at sarili'y hindi ko na kilala Kahit ang katinuan ko'y inagaw na nila
the ugly writers

The Slowest 5K in History

This year’s race was supposed to be special for me since I am now a personal trainer at Safari Island Community Center in Waconia, and I know a number of the great people who live here.
the ugly writers


Are you still watching every breaking of dawn up there? Oh sure, you still. Maybe you're still touching my nose every time I sigh, or laugh or sneeze.
the ugly writers


Heart and Soul Won't let go Crippled me When I am alone Inspiration Seems to slow When someone speaks your name...
the ugly writers


Feeling lost is often the result of that undeniable resentment to missed shots or failed attempts.
the ugly writers

Missed Shots

This August theme are poems, essays, and stories of missed opportunities, regrets, and thoughts that hinder us from our full potential.