Your heart in my hand

I wish to take away all your pain and your worries. I wish to hold your hand and never let them go. I wish to warm up your hands whenever they’re cold. I wish to stay up all night, watch the stars, coffee in hand with you by my side. I wish to put a smile on […]


Lagi mo akong minamangha Sa palo mong kamangha mangha Sa puso mo ito iniaalay Kaya pati mundo ko ay nagkakakulay Bawat medalyang sinusuot sayo ako ay lubos na maligaya Dahil sa parangal sayo na abot biyaya Hindi ako makapaniwala na ikaw ay aabot Sa sitwasyong hahantong sa lungkot Gabi gabi mong sinasabi na okay ka […]

K-Pop Republic 2

K-POP REPUBLIC 2: BEYOND THE USUAL K-POP CONCERT This festival’s name is familiar to K-Pop fans in the country as it was first held last September 2013 with iconic acts such as SHINee, EXO-K and Dal Shabet as part of the lineup. K-POP Republic is finally returning this 2017, bigger and better, an event K-POP […]

Turmoil To Tenderness

Alessia Tono paused on the long stretch of boardwalk, the soft sand delicately splayed across the wooden slats tingling her bare feet, remnants of the typical windswept nights of East Hampton. She breathed in the scent of the early-morning salt air from the ocean just beyond the steps leading down to the desolate beach. Turning […]

A Playground Made of Garbage (C...

Yes, I’m talking about Coachella. I thought it would be appropriate to do a blog post on attending this incredible music festival, or more like do my best to write a blog post about what I remember from this incredible music festival. So, let’s get to it. It’s been nearly four weeks since Brielle and […]

Damn That Mother Chucker –...

First things first, thank God Jenny Humphrey finally left the show at some point. Yes, it was inevitable, but she was the most problematic hoe I’ve ever had to put up with. And to be frank, I didn’t see why the viewers needed another girl who wanted to be apart of the “it crowd” when […]

Draft #21

Ayoko nang Makita ka. Ayoko na. Dahil simula ng gabing iyon, Kung saan walang pag-aalinlangan mo akong niyakap, Noon din ang gabing nagpatunay na kailanma’y hindi mo ako makukuhang mahalin. Ayoko nang makita ka. Ayoko na. Dahil nakapapagod din pa lang maging manhid na sandalan ng pusong minsanang napapagal. Nakangangawit din pa lang maging balikat […]

Restaurant Engagement Conferenc...

Marco Polo, Ortigas Pasig City:  It would came as no surprise if REC 2017 (held weeks back) would be dubbed as the capital’s most  engaging, anticipating and inspiring media and entrepreneurs event for this year.   The one day affair indeed, is worthy of notes and mention of superlatives. The hotel’s gala hall was dotted by […]

The Tools of Change Chapter 3.4

Continued from The Tools of Change Chapter 3.3   Syl: – I will start with personal relationships, as that is simpler. V: – But I’ll find my own reasons for Unrelenting Positivity. As you know, I disagree that it’s all for a reason I am interested in what you’re saying about how to remain uninfluenced […]

The Good Life 2017

Not my first, and definitely not my last 🙂 I really wanted to write about a lot of things, but the main reason why I reformatted my blog is to have an advocacy, a theme and something that will inspire and help people to look at how good life can be. I am a Psychology major […]

Once a Family

Boys and girls may break your heart, nothing that can’t be healed by a few bottle of beers and litter of tears. But trust me when I say, once a family member breaks your heart, regardless a number of tears you cried, or the number of bottled beers you’ve drunk, it won’t be healed. It […]

the Future

A new day begins my heart smiles within. I see you sitting there. As the music fills the air. you do what you usually do, Reading and sometimes writing. Rainbows of glitter and ray of light, Illuminates the Room it becomes so bright. with you I see… the future of me, walking along the path […]