Dito kita unang nakilala, Dito kita unang inibig, Dito Sabay tayong nangako, Na habang may alon sa dalampasigan Ang pamamahalan natin ay ‘di matutuldukan. Nang ikaw ay bumitaw, Ito rin ang lagi kung binabalikan. Ang buhangin at alon na humahalik…
the ugly writers

Missing Feeding of the Birds

I miss the feeding of the birds, these condominiums regulations, callous neighbors below me, Polish complaints. Their parties, foul language, Polish songs late at night, these Vodka mornings-no one likes my feeding of birds.
the ugly writers

It Won’t End Here

And this is not where it ends, there is more. This life is mine to suffer, this is mine, this way alone. I don't know what my old soul has to learn from it. I don't know what my old…
the ugly writers

Toni St. Pierre

St. Pierre was honored by the Minnesota Girls and Women in Sports Day at the Minnesota State Capitol for her role as an advocate for girls' and women's sports. The ceremony, which honored seven others, took place four days after…

When Artists Converse

In the end, we are all mirrors that come in different shapes but we are mirrors that let you look within not at to take in and reflect all that come by to compare and compose. Whatever you do, remember,…
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Diary ng Stroke

Diary ng Stroke Nung una, nakakatawa, andami namang walang kwenta dyan bakit ako pa? Hemorhaggic stroke, ano ba yun? Basta hindi ako makakilos ng maayos, ganun… Andami kong gustong gawin pero ayaw sumunod ng katawan ko… Ayaw ko ng mag-isip…
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REVENGE is a poem written and shared by Maryam H. Viqar for The Ugly Writers with the theme Stuck! for the month of February.   REVENGE   Words Carved with rusty blades From icy slabs To be Gulped down Drowned…
the ugly writers


I’ve been into this battle for so long Until now I still don’t know if I’ll win or not But one thing is for sure At the end of this Tears will surely flow I wanted to fight for you
the ugly writers


Everyone will leave you, either by choice or by death and the only thing left is you. You will always be there for yourself with whatever decision or even with death.

What’s Real

Everyone has a happy ending in fairytales but in reality, life isn’t good at all times, it is like a roller coaster there are many ups and downs. Some days, I was the moon who would light you up in…