Our theme this month is Beauty and Chaos

Salamat sa Paglisan

Salamat sa pagpako sa lahat ng pangako. Salamat sa paglisan mo. Salamat kasi, mahal, natuto akong mahalin ang sarili ko. Salamat kasi hindi na ako nagtatago sa likod ng mga katagang "best friend" mo.


Independence, hard work and festivity beyond serenity, peace, and tranquility. All these are made from heaven, Thanking God for my haven.

New Beginnings

For me, New Year means a new beginning. The start of my new journey. The start of taking risks and opening up opportunities.


It's just weird how some people are always thanking Him only during Fridays when we all know that every time we wake up each day is already a blessing to us.

Finding ITT

Sometimes adjustments come in the form of pruning.  In the horticultural world, we know that pruning a tree is necessary to sustain growth.  That is, sometimes the skillful pruner will cut back a fruitful branch which diminishes the outward appearance of health in the short term but contributes to the long-term health of the tree.


Our circumstances do not determine who we become, we do. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Vow

Do you give out your whole- And let her own your soul, When we just stare and no longer chat, Is it still love or something like that?

Does it scare you?

When everything you wanted so bad, Are the ones that had you feeling sad. When everything that seemed right, Are the ones that put you right into a plight.

A Blessed Day

Before the day ends, I bow my head down and close my eyes. Talking to the highest, king of kings, messiah or whatsoever. Whispering and say Thank You, Lord


Ayaw pa rin mawala ng mga boses Minsan nagbubulungan Madalas nagsisigawan Pero di ko na sila gaano naririnig Lalo na pag nariyan ka


This night was one of the best night for Ella. Laughing together, holding hands, and eating in the food court not minding the noise of other people. That night Ella felt the magic of love.

One Way Street

Did I expect much? Maybe, I'm just not enough. "I am a friend." This broken heart cannot be mend.

Every Day

I want my kids to identify what they like to do, what they believe is fun and what brings them joy daily. And then I want them to do that. To go there. To experience it often. And always want more. 

Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back   Do you Look behind When you Hear an eerie voice On the wings of icy air Calling your name? The muffled whispers From your nightmares When begin to haunt Your day’s Read more…