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Pao De Chavez

Pao De Chavez

Psychologist, Blogger

If you want to read all sorts of literature, do not hesitate to subscribe! It features all of the writing styles that you're looking for

Pasithea Chan

Pasithea Chan

Poet and Writer

If you want an outlet for your creative writing, The Ugly Writers is the place you need. If you need a new perspective, then The Ugly Writers is your bonemeal. If you need to see life unfold on a paper in it's full dynamics, then The Ugly Writers is all you can ask for. Forget about writer's block, boredom, and cliche when you visit The Ugly Writers because it doesn't get more real than what winds up on this blog! Hats off to you admins, contributors, and readers of The Ugly Writers.

Viqar Hyder

Viqar Hyder


it is a superb initiative and provides a platform for writers.my wife is also one of the contributors.


Our theme this month is Me, Myself and I

March Song

As Time Achingly remembers That years ago in March Someone sang to me My first lullaby...

Letting Him go

Lorena logged in and responded to a few e-mails when much to her dismay, the enigma stood up and gathered his own belongings. Tears threatened to well up in her eyes.

The Person She Wants To Be

She was raised in a fresh air place, Taught to live with values and strengths. Being brave and can stand by herself, Also taught by her loving parents. She is a jolly person, but sometimes Read more…

I Want To Be That Girl

I wish I can be that girl he can be vulnerable with. The girl he’d say, “I love you” every single day. I wish I can be that girl he wants to shower with gifts, hugs, and kisses. The girl who constantly challenges him to become a better version of himself.

One Thing

The story of who I was, who I am, who I want to be, clash like might titans of ancient myth.

Weapon of Choice

Communication is the cornerstone of expression, so what happens when someone removes all forms of communication as their weapon of choice in order to extract themselves from the corner that they deny even being in?

Ships that Never Come

Author’s Notes: This piece is about the emotional and intellectual disconnection between a man and a woman in a relationship. The man sees himself a ship that the woman’s been waiting for all her life Read more…

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