the ugly writers

Ang Nakaraan

Kaya ikaw, ikaw na ang hirap kalimutan. Naging dahilan ng pagluha sa mga unan. Ako man ay nahirapan, dapat parin kitang pasalamatan. Sa bawat pag patak ng luha ako may natutunan. Mahulog sayo ay hindi kasalanan o kamalian.
the ugly writers


It's been a while Since I saw your smile As always you made me calm I stare passionately...
the ugly writers


Because I am a walking paper, forever attracted to the pain that causes my ink to leak I am addicted, I am okay I am okay I am okay Or am I?
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Not In The Morning

Softly, my eyes open. I didn’t want to, but it’s already morning. And my heart breaks yet again. I barely slept, and facing you in my dreams had been an ordeal. Nothing had been easy since you left. And then…
the ugly writers


Be the voice that speaks for those who have no voices, be the strength for those who feel like it's a cruel world and the only best thing there is to do is to end this life, and be someone who's light infects others to be more optimistic.
the ugly writers


And the winds of the night that are ridden By the things that are old without age. Far beyond a mere man’s understanding, I have been to all places of dread.
the ugly writers

How to Cope?

One important thing that should remain in one's head is that no matter what they say and do, show deference. Do not let yourself be pulled in the gutter. Their attitude should not equate yours. Showing much courtesy could always adhere a start of a good relationship. Partner's family or not, we ought to be respectful.
the ugly writers

The Minority Voice

There is no biblical or historical record of what happened to Barabbas after he was let go, but according to one tradition, on the day he was released, he went to Golgotha and watched Jesus die on the cross.  I don’t know whatever became of the defendant that we released, but I hope that he used the opportunity that we gave him to become a better person.
the ugly writers

I’m Allergic to People

Sometimes when I explore these things in my mind I feel like I'm torturing myself 'coz I couldn't care less. All these years I have been a brain of many thoughts.