Meet Me

You told me of your dreams And I told you everything About joy and hurt and love gone dim You only smiled and pulled me near I still love that you were the one Who could chase away my fear
the ugly writers

Late Night Conversation

And I can't get over you. I cannot just erase you in my mind. I cannot just unlove the spirit that lives in your chest, and just like how you vanished, I cannot convince myself that you were just a mirage from a lucid dream.
the ugly writers


Why do I feel so emotionally invested when I see or hear your name. Why does sadness creep into me whenever I think of you. Why does happiness seep through me each time your face appears on my memory.
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Chronophobia   I never thought that future can be this scary For every step I take, every decision we make the future will hand us either an award or punishment. I am scared of several things, such as being left…
the ugly writers

Changed Behavior

Sometimes people apologize, and sometimes they do not. Some people are never able to humble themselves enough to recognize when they have done sometime wrong, and should even apologize in the first place.
the ugly writers


Isang araw nakilala kita. Hindi na ako sanay pero ako’y buong pusong nagpakilala. Hindi pa ako handa pero ako’y nagpakita. Tapos kinilala ka pa. Nagbabakasakali lang naman.
the ugly writers


Now that she is halfway here, the distance decreases and, the giant saucer of the horizon doesn’t reach in, but flips itself knowingly.


Speak people, speak. Raise your voice to the highest peak. Wake up dear fools, our Government will not mourn for us But we’ll lament to know, they were the ones pulling the trigger toward us.