burnt candle, snuffed out, burn out, dying

Dying Passion

Maybe it's the curse of adulting, feels like little by little the fire in me is slowly fading, I feel like what I want is not what I am meant for, 'cause everytime I try, I get tired


Voices all around, in my head, they can be found. It's getting too much, can't escape; I long for a hush.

The World of Creating Content in Blogs

Creating content for a brand, business, or corporate is a component of every communication major. As I continue in this industry, I’ve learned that every communication major needs to practice creating new material on a daily basis. Furthermore, generating and…

Content Creation: Nurturing Creativity

Embarking on my content creation journey has been a transformative experience filled with creativity, challenges, and the pursuit of making a meaningful impact. This essay chronicles my personal voyage through the realm of content creation, highlighting the process of nurturing…

A communication wizard’s journey

Charm, Wit, and Wordplay: Unleashing My Inner Communication Wizard in the AB Communication Program of CEAS From Wordsmith to Communication Wizard. They say communication is key, but little did I know just how hilarious, relatable, and downright entertaining my journey…

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Empowering Content Creation with CMS

Creating content has become crucial for both individuals and organizations in the rapidly changing digital landscape. Effective management, coordination, and collaboration are required to deliver compelling and engaging content. CMS platforms provide a full range of features and capabilities that…