Our theme this month is Beauty and Chaos

Victory in Surrender

Sometimes, we ought to be grateful for our losses. Losing someone is a defeat, but having known someone and having able to spend time with that person is a victory in surrender

Measuring Time

It is no surprise why people have been fascinated with measuring time for decades. It is the thing that gets us through the day. Maybe Bob Dylan was on to something when he warned us “the times they are a changing’.”


Sometimes, letting go of a person, or even just memory of a person is painful. Similar to freeing a dragonfly. Setting free a dragonfly only to get bitten in the process.

I Dream of You

Trapped in a cage of lonely days, I long for the night to take me in its arms once more, so I can dream of you.

Liar Liar

I never want to be known as a liar.  Not at 10 or at 43. For sure not at 43.  Because I have learned my lesson. I never want to see that look of disappointment on anyone's face.


Some of the things we share in common are our spiritual, political and financial perspectives, our friends, our interest in movies and watching Survivor together every week

Fifty Shades of S.K

A bad leaf can turn a new leaf. It's all just a matter of rehabilitation and societal support. Irrespective of what had happened in the past. We all have passed, don't we?


With eyes closed and with a smile on your face Abandon all your fears let thoughts gain pace Whilst you sit underneath a shadeless tree And sing summer's forgotten poetry

Father’s Day

My father and Irwin were inseparable for the next 15 years before my father’s passing in 1995.  There was an area in my father’s heart that was healed in 1981 and in his son Irwin’s heart as well.

Salamat sa Paglisan

Salamat sa pagpako sa lahat ng pangako. Salamat sa paglisan mo. Salamat kasi, mahal, natuto akong mahalin ang sarili ko. Salamat kasi hindi na ako nagtatago sa likod ng mga katagang "best friend" mo.


Independence, hard work and festivity beyond serenity, peace, and tranquility. All these are made from heaven, Thanking God for my haven.

New Beginnings

For me, New Year means a new beginning. The start of my new journey. The start of taking risks and opening up opportunities.