the ugly writers


In the end, my body will burn Thou take the ash into a golden urn I’ll be happy for I’m going to the promised home
the ugly writers


She's by herself - alone And then she realized that it's okay. Because the moon, It may be alone, but still has a purpose.
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Diary ng Stroke

Diary ng Stroke Nung una, nakakatawa, andami namang walang kwenta dyan bakit ako pa? Hemorhaggic stroke, ano ba yun? Basta hindi ako makakilos ng maayos, ganun… Andami kong gustong gawin pero ayaw sumunod ng katawan ko… Ayaw ko ng mag-isip…
the ugly writers


Everyone will leave you, either by choice or by death and the only thing left is you. You will always be there for yourself with whatever decision or even with death.

What’s Real

Everyone has a happy ending in fairytales but in reality, life isn’t good at all times, it is like a roller coaster there are many ups and downs. Some days, I was the moon who would light you up in…
the ugly writers


I've learned a huge lesson in life. That happiness should not depend on a man nor to anyone. It should be from deep within. Your happiness should be yourself.