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The following are my self-formulated principles that I think are essential for a person to be successful in any undertaking.   1. Never compromise your integrity. This is my first and foremost principle in life because without this, all the…
the ugly writers

Tears of Sand

Happiness is a game of catch and release where catch is a lease that makes you please and release is a pain that takes away peace.
the ugly writers


We will end up to this. You, drifting far away miles to miles Falling out of love.
the ugly writers

The Sun

because when it comes to the sun to see its blaze its entrancing beauty its captivating form its comforting warmth its... it hell, it's all so worth it
the ugly writers


Masarap sana maging bata, well, masarap sana... Pero kung kasing kukulit ng mga bata ngayun, wag nalang pala... Ang swerte ko kasi nabubuhay ako sa kahirapan... Hindi lahat may prebeleheyong ito ay pagdaanan... Lahat ng emosyon araw-araw nararanasan... Ang kailangan…
the ugly writers

She’s Tired

She's driven by the fact that she both works for a future and learns for her future. She's been having mental breaks and somehow the only thing that helps is a hug to come her way.
the ugly writers

Bagong taon na, ayoko na

Ayoko nang makausap ka, kasi sa bawat tawa mo naaalala ko yung mga panahon na ako pa ang dahilan ng iyong pagsaya. Ayoko nang malaman kung anong ginagawa mo, kasi wala akong ibang gustong gawin kundi ang kumapit sa iyo.
the ugly writers

Why are we depressed?

It was like a roller coaster swirling around through the speed of light. With the constant blurring sounds plus the never-ending drama anthologies of your existence. It was the moment, you want to take the knife and slash it into…
the ugly writers

Someone I love

But to love someone at their lowest, to love someone despite how broken they feel, when they're lost, when you're willing to stand by them no matter how challenging or difficult things can be.
the ugly writers

Everything She Is

I am no God, I am but mere flesh and bone failing sometimes at life, but hanging in there, Yet she is everything, so loved she must be