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In The Next Room, or the vibrat...

In The Next Room, or the vibrator play written by Sarah Ruhl tackles issues ― both marital and health thereof, in a tastefully comedic approach. The stage play takes us to 1880 where fashion was governed by intricate layers of clothing consisting of corsets and crinolines with matching fancy hats. Electricity was ushered to viability […]

One-Woman Resistance Movement t...

Meeting new people without exerting that much effort just yet is made easy; thanks to social media and dating apps where we take to. Men and women sign up for an account, create a profile, upload photos, and proceed with the fundamentals of online dating. Whatever setup both parties establish beyond the brief getting to know […]


You’re on your usual quiet morning. You’re already either busy with work or still ogling over the latest news on the internet. Enter one of your workmates. A short distance separates you and the office entrance, and you hear workmate greet the security with a “Good morning!” at the top of her voice. It reminds […]

Unconditional Love

Close your eyes unclog your mind now think of a face who makes you smile the most. you need to spend more time with this person, without much deliberation.   Sheena Dutta    

Busy Tone

Hi!  Long time no talk.  How long has it been?  Weeks?  Months?  Yeah, grades are good. You?  Good, good. Huh? You’re in the middle of your class now? Okay, sorry for interrupting you… Thanks again…  Have a great day… Bye…  *hangs up* … I still love you. 


Do you ever play Pokemon Go? If yes, maybe you can drop by. My heart is a pokestop. ?

A Post Revisited: Posted a Long...

Walter Santos had a very enlightening conversation with his friend and former teammate.Apparently, according to her opinion, that he is attracted or gravitated towards the wrong kind of women. The conversation went based on his recollection; She started: “Why did you shave your head? I liked it better when you had hair. You looked a […]