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How can I find peace and happiness?

“How can I find peace and happiness?” Dear Mona, Have you considered the problem in the question itself? If we believe we have to “find” something, that means we have to “look” for whatever it is, and that in turn means or implies we don’t have it. If you were to have peace and happiness,…

The Choices of Ignorance Part 2 of 2

When we do that, then we start Looking for alternatives and create them ourselves if need be. So there is always a choice. Just not choices we remember.
Of course, in most cases, choosing that which we don’t know, is a choice we don’t want to make. It is typically an unpleasant choice. But it is a choice nonetheless.

The Choices of Ignorance Part 1 of 2

She set about being loved by important people, even by a president. But still, she was not happy. And when she realized that she had fulfilled all her ambitions, that she was loved by everyone, was loved by important people and she still was not happy, she realized…

grand scheme

From Sadness to The Magnificent Grand Scheme

In this understanding of the necessity of how things are, there is also the full understanding of how the unpleasant, of how negative consequence and such, are also a part of the system.

Belief Not Required

This is the Power of Attunement and Alignment. It is becoming One with the Way of the World. What that means in real every day terms, is we use our Energy more Appropriately, and thus more efficiently and effectively, and thus we have more to spare. More energy, always means more happiness, and if we free up enough Energy, we get to Joy.

The Tools of Change Chapter 3.3

Continued from The Tools of Change Chapter 3.2   V: – I think people can find Unrelenting Positivity irritating. Syl: – No, they find false cheerfulness irritating. The two are not associated. Or any falseness. V: – My friend, Z, also feels sorry for herself a lot. I try to look on the bright side…

The Foundation of Integrity

“When it comes to trust and mistrust – it is most useful to be able to apply both at the same time…and neither. Then it is we start to develop Discernment.” – From: Perspectives by The New Nobility Syl: – I would like to ask you if you think Y (Your partner) has Respect for…

Being Noble

Being Noble

By Syl Dinada

What We Can Do To Support People With Breast Cancer

What We Can Do To Support People With Breast Cancer

By Diah Dwi Arti

Gifts-of-Being From Sensible-Self

Gifts-of-Being from Sensible-Self

By Syl Dinada

Desiderata and Errata Part 2

Desiderata and Errata pt 2

By Syl Dinada

Desiderata and Errata Part 1

Desiderata and Errata

By Syl Dinada