Failure is always an implied option Leaders need to look at all options Including what to do If they fail to achieve their goals They must have a plan
the ugly writers


Not an easy one… but I have to do this. I have to let you go and I know you'll have a better journey ahead. Don't worry as you will carry my heart as you leave, so you will never be alone. But if you finally find her, I wanted you to be the best you can. And the happiest you can be.
the ugly writers

Dead Peoples Stuff For Sale

So I should know. Yes, I knew they were no longer with us. I didn’t know if their past possessions were antiques, or nearly new, or even used or slightly soiled.
the ugly writers


Lying to myself that i won't ever miss you. When the truth is, everyday i yearn for you and still wants to be with you. Despite all the reasons on how much i hate you. I can't fool myself on saying that i should just look away and forget you.