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Everything Changes

As the world shifts and changes, everything changes as well as everyone as we speak. We choose to do this, we choose where to go, we choose who are we going to be, because we choose and that’s why we change.

How Lovely

When we let go of the junk that burdens us, we are making a choice. A choice to make room for the things that make us smile, what brings us joy, what helps us grow, learn and give of ourselves.  We make room for thankfulness and gratitude.  We make room for love and adoration, for laughter and for happiness.

the story theuglywriters

the story so far

I’ve changed, lost a pound or 2 to depression and insecurity
Realized what I lack was maturity 
Because deep down I felt that I was hideous,
People saying you look good? sounds ambiguous,
Because who would love a fat-fuck who’s having a delusional breakdown thinking his so-called friends abandoned him?

Effects Of Change

Disclaimer: This Article Is Based on my Random Thoughts! A few Ideas I had from the book; 7 Habits of Highly effective people,-Stephen Covey. It Is not intended to harm/Critique any Entity It’s Mainly for Scrutinization Purposes. The greater changes we make, the more multifaceted challenges we have to deal Read more…

Turning Point

    Have you ever encountered that one turning point in your life and say it would’ve made a difference but unfortunately you blew it up? I can say I may have encountered so many chances and/or maybe given up those turning points that eventually ended fast before I realized Read more…


We wanted so much yet gave so little We wanted change but expect someone else to do it for us.  We are Millennials.  We were born with everything served on a silver platter.  We grew up indecisive and lacked the heart.  We fought for fights yet we cower on battles.  Read more…