Meron ka na nito kahit hindi ka pa natuto sa mga bagay-bagay Huwag mo ipagdadamot yun
the ugly writers


But what can we break to make me all better? Why are the screaming voices louder this time around? I can't help it, I have a blade in my wallet that's in my pocket
the ugly writers

A Disappointing Day

If she hadn’t remembered the scent from before. There would have been no screams, no stamping up and down on the trolley.


Uncomprehendingly silence sipped into us, taking the warmth away, stirring the abyss of ravages and penetrating the cracks more in a vulnerable way.
the ugly writers


We aspire to become someone who will never reach as we are. In concrete squares of the crowd where they follow along, but not as I do and tell. We come chasing for the bearers of light, and to become a light.
the ugly writers

Third World

There were already students sitting in the chairs when Angie and I arrived. She wanted to sit at the back because she doesn't want to be seen by the professor in case she falls asleep.