Death Toll

Road Warrior

Death Toll 10 He has been in Skout for more than 3 years now. He’s met a number of people there too. He’d do it off classes, between breaks or during commute. Tonight, he used the LRT as it is quite late. He had to update his class record and did some powerpoint presentation for […]

Brand Specialist

Death Toll 9 He woke up and found himself five blocks from his workplace. He overslept again. It has been like this since he met his latest client. His last copy allowed him to mingle with some public figures and thus getting him a position as a publicist for an up and coming starlet. He […]


Death Toll 8 Her white uniform is drenched in blood. She can’t tell if it is hers but she knew her vitals are really bad. She lay on the floor with a surgical knife in hand. Her last breath was her uttering his name. Then she closed her eyes for good. She is a nurse […]

The Queen Bee

Death Toll 7 The Al Sufouh Road is the best highway to give a blow job on the go. Add to the fact that it’s that time of the season where rain is both a blessing and a curse, giving head here and now pretty much made my day from work, she thought. She can […]


Death Toll 6 Whether you are tending to guests or behind the counter, working for a cruise ship is luxurious as fuck. This is what made him last 8 years as a butcher for the Princess Cruise. Eight years ago, he was a fresh graduate of marine engineering. He was promised an able-bodied position during […]

Sales and Marketing

Death Toll 5 Marketing for a fire suppression system is not a very lucrative job, she thought. Yet there she was on a meeting with project managers and architects and engineers. Two hours have passed and she was ready to shake hands, nod and look pleased. She approached one of the personnel for Bids and […]

The Window

Death Toll 4 She was on her second class for the day. The profs were boring at best. Her eyes wandered off at the construction site nearby. This is why she loved sitting beside the window. She started staring at the window since her parents separated. She watched at the window as her dad hailed […]

The Retirement

Death Toll 3 There is a serial killer on the loose. He left a scene with five casualties not to add the already lengthy list with the PNP. Tony is about to retire, with a glorious 45 years of police service. He can now buy his wife that ugly family van she’d been nagging from […]

The Planner

Death Toll 2 She just did an all-nighter for her first project as an events planner. Things are finally going her way, she thought. Venue, check. Catering, check. Lights and sounds are on their way, as good as a check. She’s been running over her list mentally as she took a shower. Fuck, the flowers! […]

A Great Sunny Wednesday

Death Toll 1 It was a great sunny Wednesday. And unlike any other day, he isn’t late for class. He kissed his mom and dad and ran out the door. On his way, he started checking out messages in his phone. Browsed thru messages of Carla, his now ex-girlfriend. The relationship didn’t last long but […]