paano ko nanaising magpatuloy kung sa bandang huli ay maraming mawawala? sapat na sakin ang dalawampu't walong taon na nasilayan ko ang kariktan ng daigdig,
the ugly writers

In Funeral

How can you not cry in a funeral? How can you not cry? How can you not ask yourself if people would come to yours? How can you not question life when parents bury their child?
the ugly writers

Lonely Claim

I am your time that is up Your story that’s come to an end Your regrets and words unsaid. Your what ifs and maybes. Your whys and cries. Your hows and tries. Your breaking point and last stand. Your surrender…


Not much of him was left lying there in the casket, just a figment of his formal self. We quarreled the last time we had met, threatened we would kill ourselves.

Death Takes The Individual

Yesterday, the rock world lost a legend. Chester Bennington. The Linkin Park front man committed suicide and was found hanging at his home. He was forty-one years old and he leaves behind six children. There was (and continues to be)…

Just the two of us

It was the night before Christmas. All she wanted to do was wait in the front steps of her home to welcome him. But clearly it is the Christmas eve and there are things she needed to attend to. Food…