the ugly writers

Elegant Deception

We cast our votes in Incredulous motions and Bleed our incomes in the palms of the few elites who Perspire lies on our Egregious screens conspiring with Insanity as a means!

Elissar’s Star Sapphire

Elissar is the embodiment of peace and sacrifice in the name of love for people and country. She is the phoenix that summarizes the Lebanese Republic in modern times in a time when leaders are worshiped for influence and money via oppression.
the ugly writers


Caught in claw of memories now, regretting the trust given to you. But I will never be betrayed again even if hell freezes over.

Point of Deception

You saw me at my lowest point I was fragile, cold, and walled up But you, you insisted and offered something extra ordinary You melted my cold high walls with your kindness. Each day my agony became light as feathers …