the ugly writers

Nung bata pa ako

Kaya pala nung nagsisimula akong magturo ay patungkol palagi sa management ang mga suggestions ko sa mga nasa authority. Kaya pala pati strategy ng trainings ng teachers, programs, projects, activities at kung anu-ano pa eh yun ang hinahanap ko at nakikialam ako.
the ugly writers


Before sunup he would crawl back under my bed, But before he disappears he would whisper to me, "I am just the demon inside your head."
the ugly writers

An Escape From Reality

You woke up and must face the reality Reality of pain, sorrow, and more doubtful days But how I wish, One night ... I'll dream just escape those bad reality.

Dream + Girl = YOU

It all started with a dream, I looked at you, and tried to make the dream to reality. You looked at me, But I wasn’t the person who you want to be. It all started with a dream, I looked…