Dalawang Daan

Dalawang Daan is a poem written by Mary-Ann Bellong and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck with Memories for the month of October   Dalawang Daan   Dalawang daan Halagang aking hiniling Pambayad sa edukasyon Pandagdag ng…

Sky and Firewood

We look up the sky see it high from where we stoodbut we live and die under that sky trying to be understood.We are prisoners of our own device barred behind shouldforgetting that how to live resides in I did the best I could.

The Choices of Ignorance Part 2 of 2

When we do that, then we start Looking for alternatives and create them ourselves if need be. So there is always a choice. Just not choices we remember. Of course, in most cases, choosing that which we don't know, is a choice we don't want to make. It is typically an unpleasant choice. But it is a choice nonetheless.

The Choices of Ignorance Part 1 of 2

She set about being loved by important people, even by a president. But still, she was not happy. And when she realized that she had fulfilled all her ambitions, that she was loved by everyone, was loved by important people and she still was not happy, she realized...


My dreams began to expire when the sun faded and  my arms became an awkward contortion of what's next


I love to imagine things. I really love to imagine how far my love for you would go if I was right. I love to dream of you and me. But still, when I was imagining things about you, There was…


It was a night of oblivion Obscurity and misconception. The sky painted with deep blue black With its flickering stars. The moon is hiding her beauty In the midst of dreary clouds. And I saw you in my paper When…