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Black People

Back in time apart from the hate A black man's pride fought like lions With a pack of wolf's in sheeps coat
the ugly writers

An Empire in Decline

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Even today, when most of our history as a nation was much closer to oppressor than downtrodden, it makes us blush with unvarnished pride.
the ugly writers


Saksi ang kanilang mata marinig ng dalawa nilang tenga ang matamis na pwedeng maganap habang binabasa ng bibig na naka-buka ang bawat pangyayari sa liham kung gaano mo ako mapapasaya
the ugly writers

Her Strong Heart

Her Strong Heart is a poem written by Khazran Khan and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Entropy: Overcoming Destruction for the month of July   Her Strong Heart   ​Today let me narrate a tale, A tale…

the ugly writers


Today, I am letting you go as I free myself from the phantom bond that binds us.
the ugly writers

The Mansion and I

I could feel a glare directed at me. I smiled then I snapped my fingers three times while chanting some words. The room suddenly became vibrant and I was staring at only one person now.

Loving the Lawn

It was a little more work. Actually, it was a lot more work. Really, I had to do all the work. Since I haven’t gone to the gym since the coronavirus started maybe a little more work is a good idea. I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday morning, and this will give me a little ammunition.