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Welcome to the Show: 2023 Edition

One nuisance about signing up for new sites is entering my age. I have to scroll back through so many years to find the correct year, it begins to resemble a gas pump in reverse. I watch the numbers as I press on the little arrow and remember.
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HONESTY AND INCORRUPTIBILITY: In reaction to Universal Truth and Accepted Truth

Fake news? Truth be told, if anyone is looking for a 100% credible news, then you will not find it in the media. All the news that are there are fake news. Each is driven by a force and a motive. Listen to the leftist’s version of it. Listen to the rightist’s version of it. Both are not pure. Both have agenda and self-interest --- both are protecting their own goddamned asses --- and both are touting their ideals (errr, own interest) in the guise of nationalism