the ugly writers

Walk On

You're not here to lose, you need to absorb as much confidence you can in order to bloom on that stage. Everyone's expectation is not about you. They're not the one to tell you what to do. Know that you know better and you can walk life better when you are you.
the ugly writers

Late Night Conversation

And I can't get over you. I cannot just erase you in my mind. I cannot just unlove the spirit that lives in your chest, and just like how you vanished, I cannot convince myself that you were just a mirage from a lucid dream.


Hiram   Ikaw ang syang nagaarin ng plumaheng nalalagas sa aking mga pak-pak sa tuwing lumalagapak galing sa matayog na paglipad. Sa bawat araw na pahiram na mga ngiti at  humahal na sandali paglagos ng aking mga daulat ay gumagaan…