the ugly writers

Tissues and Crookedness

This is just a daydream. Can you pick your phone back once more? Dial my number for the first time in nine years. Say your hello again and I'll say mine sweeter.
the ugly writers

Personal Format

Personal Format To find or lose yourself simply format or align your life to another’s path. To confuse yourself simply right or left align conducts to expectations’ math. Failure is justifying yourself amidst a hurtful decline. Why feed fire another…
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Friends to Strangers

From strangers to friends and now back to strangers again. As if, you and me haven't met in this lifetime. It is quite sad that we end up this way. But, I have definitely no regrets about everything


Hanggang dito na lang ba at sadyang paalam na? Bakit ganun diko tanggap na sa piling ko’y wala ka na


If after some time you forget about the things we’ve done, Look back at the memories we created as one. While with doubts and fears of a novice artist Together we chose to say that yes, we can do this!…

On Losing Friends… 

They say we lose friends and we gain new ones. It’s really devastating to be in an actual process of losing one. To actually see it take place and this is never the kind wherein you two just drift away.…
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F (riends) ONLY

If only opposites repel Then we wouldn’t feel stuck Like this. If only time is made of hollow blocks Then maybe we could cement To freeze this moment. If only ending comes first, Then we must skip it. Let’s just…