the ugly writers

When It Hits Too Close To Home

I lost a friend 25 years ago. She was kidnapped from Goodfellow Air Force Base and raped and murdered.  I have thought of her many times over the years and have prayed for her family.  My heart still hurts more than I thought.  The tears came so quickly at just the thought of her that I alarmed both my kids.  
the ugly writers

Late Night Conversation

And I can't get over you. I cannot just erase you in my mind. I cannot just unlove the spirit that lives in your chest, and just like how you vanished, I cannot convince myself that you were just a mirage from a lucid dream.
the ugly writers

Religion and Politics

We did not agree on much, and more often than not, I was trying to derail whatever big-government scheme he had just concocted. And, in those years that Republicans held the majority in the Senate, when it came to getting some of our ideas passed into law, he was not just a stone in the road, he was a boulder.

Litanya Kay Tonyo

Isa na lang, isang beses pa Bago mo tuluyang lisanin ang mga pinagsaluhang tuwa at luha Baka maaari pang pag-usapan, hindi ganyang lagi kang tulala O kayay tatawa, pagdaka’y iiyak Ano ngayon ang kahulugan ng katinuan? Gayong pilit mo itong…