the ugly writers

Gravel Road

Sweet darling, I'm grateful  For the sundowns we shared.  I cannot shepherd you 'til the end
the ugly writers

Pauwi Na

Araw-araw ganito tayo. Tatlumpung minuto nating binabaybay ang Ayala papuntang terminal ng UV Express. Ako ba-byahe papuntang Maynila, ikaw pa-Rizal. Tatlumpung minutong minsa’y tahimik, minsa’y maingay. Ngunit lagi, may kwento.


Where am I? Is this what they call “the end” or am I in the beginning? Baby, can you tell me where exact part did you left me? Cause I am so lost. I don’t know whether to wait, step…

friends to strangers the ugly writers

Friends to Strangers

From strangers to friends and now back to strangers again. As if, you and me haven't met in this lifetime. It is quite sad that we end up this way. But, I have definitely no regrets about everything

20 seconds

She woke up with a headache and an intense longing to hear his voice. Between being buzzed and the almost carnal need to smoke, she chose to search for a way to find him again. You see, she has already imagined how he would sound like.


He is a beautiful mistake that's waiting to happen. If she doesn't leave now, she fears she may never want to.


Hanggang dito na lang ba at sadyang paalam na? Bakit ganun diko tanggap na sa piling ko’y wala ka na