Guest Post


I left my heart
where other roads lead to majestic caves
where I first heard of shamans and unicorns
yet I’ve never seen one; only felt them


I will never forget that time when we danced the night away. That time when it was only you and me, heart to heart, no words exchanged.

True Happiness

After scrutinizing each road
I reminded myself why am I here
Croaking happily as I walked past was a toad
True Happiness, I long to have it near

City & Country

Every now and then he’ll blow 200 bucks on CDs in Edmonton, they’re just noise, why doesn’t he like Metallica and AC/DC like the rest of us? He’ll go thru jobs like socks, says he either gets bored or pissed off at the boss. Most of us work at Esso or A&W.

A Rare Soul

You never thought of a day, a rare soul will come your way. Full of magical incarnations, defying the past manic tendencies aloof in time, delivering what is desired to your wants.