true happiness

True Happiness

After scrutinizing each road
I reminded myself why am I here
Croaking happily as I walked past was a toad
True Happiness, I long to have it near

treat the symptom

Treat the Symptom, Ignore the Problem

Nobody chooses to be homeless, sleeping under awnings hoping the rain doesn’t soak everything you own, pressed against the side of a building trying to find a little warmth or relief from the sweltering heat and humidity.

To cross the A’s and dot the I’s

Hello World.

I represent the people
Who launch space rockets.
I represent the people
Who launch nuclear missiles.
I never judge by the outcome
Only by the process

City & Country

Every now and then he’ll blow 200 bucks on CDs in Edmonton, they’re just noise, why doesn’t he like Metallica and AC/DC like the rest of us? He’ll go thru jobs like socks, says he either gets bored or pissed off at the boss. Most of us work at Esso or A&W.

rare soul

A Rare Soul

You never thought of a day, a rare soul will come your way. Full of magical incarnations, defying the past manic tendencies aloof in time, delivering what is desired to your wants.



I remember how painful it is to be cheated on… Doing everything for him. Serving him, loving him. I came to the point where I would just sit on a corner and stare. Overthinking everything that led to depression. Had no one to talk to about my issues with him. Including the pressure from my own family.


Libong taon man ang dumaan, ikaw ay mananatili sa aming isipan at sa isipan ng mga darating na henerasyon. Hindi lang dahil sa mga aral at leksiyon sa apat na sulok ng paaralan, hindi lang dahil sa mga lugar na tinawag na Rizal, hindi lang dahil sa dalawang nobelang iyong sinulat

Where Did You Fail Today?

My father used to ask me every dinner the question: “where did you fail today?” I thought it was an insane question. Instead of asking how was school or my day, this stressful question always pops out. It turns out to be a mind-setting questions for me not to get afraid of failing at something….

dive hero camayan

Dive Hero Festival – Scubasurero in Subic Bay!

Celebrate with Camayan Divers as it turns 3! Join our Dive Heroes Festival-Scubasurero this December 2, 2017, 6 am at Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

Mabuhay Ng Wagas

Lumaban ng sagad at todo, Na kahit pagkatalo ay susuko sa yo. Lasapin ang bawat galak, Na kahit lungkot sa yo’y makiki-halakhak. Umibig ng totoo at walang alinlangan, Na kahit tadhana ay handa kang tulungan. Mabuhay ng wagas, Na parang ang lahat ay magtatapos bukas. By Julius Kevin Japlit

Human Heart by R

“The Human Heart works 24 hours a day. 7 days a week from the day you were born up until the day the person you love starts loving someone else.”   Credits to the owner of the post: R / [B]

Unrequited by Miyang

Unrequited Deeper than your thoughts Deeper than the wishing well Deeper than your slumber Uncharted as the briny deep Is the maze through your heart Buried down the ocean leagues Is the pathway to your heart The maelstroms bind me As I approach the hidden city As efforts melt like glaciers And my hope’s in…