the ugly writers

Alam kong ako’y di nag-iisa

Alam kong ako’y di nag-iisa is a tagalog poem by Ms. Jelyn V. Chavez and shared with The Ugly Writers for the month of November.   Alam kong ako’y di nag-iisa   Tila isang munting bata Nakalapat ang dalawang palad…

the ugly writers


Not just drops of salty water but remnants of painful slaughter of heart and the soul perhaps the psyche of a person who did not know the way to beg for consideration or mercy


The walk seemed endless, but after a while, I found myself back to where I started. It had been a painful walk in the shadows. I thought I could face it with less tears, but I didn't. Although, by any means, I think I had been braver still.
the ugly writers


There was none on the other end of the line. And I gave up trying. It seems it's over. And I just kept crying. Her pulse grew weaker, her breathing more shallow. Her face, whiter, and her whole body colder. Is this how cold she must have felt?