Dalawang Daan

Dalawang Daan is a poem written by Mary-Ann Bellong and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck with Memories for the month of October   Dalawang Daan   Dalawang daan Halagang aking hiniling Pambayad sa edukasyon Pandagdag ng…

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We aspire to become someone who will never reach as we are. In concrete squares of the crowd where they follow along, but not as I do and tell. We come chasing for the bearers of light, and to become a light.
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Coffee is Life

Let us compare coffee to life itself. Imagine the dark, bitter coffee as a representation of our toughest moments—the times when things get rough, and we can't help but feel a bit down. But fear not, my friends! Just like sugar sweetens our coffee, imagine those moments of triumph, the victories that bring smiles to our faces and fill us with joy.

Enchantress’s Disillusionment

Enchantress’s Disillusionment is a poem entry written by Julianna Romano and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Disenchanted for the month of May.     Enchantress’s Disillusionment   In the realm of dreams and fairy tales, Where enchantment…

cotton candy

Cotton Candy

There is no store to taste the cloud candy everyone have bought I want one too, even just a little bite of that fluffy sweet pink swirls you've indulged Perhaps, the fire destroyed the store and the water washed down the swirls
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Isang senyales lamang Panginoon. Sapagkat naririnig ko na ang tren. Napakalakas ng tunog nito.Nararamdaman ko na ang pagyanig ng lupa habang ang aking mga palad ay nakalapat habang ako ay humihingi ng kapatawaran.Nang maya-maya pa ay...
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The Life Of A Candy Bar

Almost home, he passed kids playing and wrecking havoc in Mr. Almond Joys yard, though he didn't seem to joyed. Mrs. Hershey was already home awaiting their evening together and out on the town to Fifth Ave. place.