the ugly writers


As frail as autumn leaves These moldered reckless ruins Were scarred, Marred by mounting grief.

Since You Asked (6)

Since You Asked (6)   Ancients and moderns listen to Beethoven trios tomorrow the helicopter a bird shits on a fern don’t talk to me about time the scattered vowels of a crow a dozen dead Marines will put it together…

After Neil Young’s ‘Powderfinger’

After Neil Young’s ‘Powderfinger’   Shelter me from the powder and the finger   the lawless lie scattered on a silent plain   cover me with the thought that pulled the trigger   remember me to my love I know I’ll miss…


Alam kong puso mo'y pagod na. Hinihiling ko rin na sana humaba pa ang gabi, Tayo'y magpakalasing sa mga nakaw na sandali.