the ugly writers


I trespass into the world beyond the living in this mindscape, i see him— a deep entanglement in a chasm of nothingness; faceless, he sits, he waits
the ugly writers

The Voice In You

What happened to the voice in you? I wonder if it's still there or hidden in an igloo I wasn't expecting such an obvious clue But the thought of it surely chasing you in blue
burnt candle, snuffed out, burn out, dying

Dying Passion

Maybe it's the curse of adulting, feels like little by little the fire in me is slowly fading, I feel like what I want is not what I am meant for, 'cause everytime I try, I get tired


Voices all around, in my head, they can be found. It's getting too much, can't escape; I long for a hush.


Peryahan is a tagalog poem written by R.R. Dais and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Organized Chaos for the month of September Peryahan Halika at sabay-sabay na tayo: Magdala kayo ng kaunting barya A-piso lang naman Bawat…

the ugly writers


Hell always wants to go to detention just to see Heaven. Although Hell is a pain in the ass, he would always make Heaven smile whenever they meet at the detention.