the ugly writer

Time Traveler

The eyes unfold and the story aligns-- rain from the sky sounds like punches I learned in my garage and Dad’s body rippled like the windows at night.
the ugly writers

Price Tag

Objectifying women like putting a price tag on them is chauvinistic at best. It doesn't add value to them but rather make them feel belittled and underestimated.
the ugly writers

Ascension Day

Alone at last Jesus gives Eve one of his beatific smiles and says, ”See, I did all this for you.” Remembering the garden, Eve lets go of her savior’s hands, ”Yeah, but I never asked you to.”
the ugly writers

Bottom Of The Well

Feeling now only total defeatI cannot bear to face the lighta dark place in my mind is where I retreatonce I stood tall, with confidence and might.
the ugly writers

It Just Arrived

As soon as my shoulders began to relax into a comfortable slouch -the instant I dropped my hypervigilance -forgetting for that brief respite; that you broke my heart
the ugly writers

Weapon of Choice

Communication is the cornerstone of expression, so what happens when someone removes all forms of communication as their weapon of choice in order to extract themselves from the corner that they deny even being in?