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Shadows of Mystery

Shadows of Mystery is a poem written by Shareyld de Guia and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme The Games We Play for the month of April.   Shadows of Mystery   I have two faces but with…

the ugly writers

Personal Format

Personal Format To find or lose yourself simply format or align your life to another’s path. To confuse yourself simply right or left align conducts to expectations’ math. Failure is justifying yourself amidst a hurtful decline. Why feed fire another…

A Letter for My Future Self

And dearest self, it's not bad to be good to yourself, so please always love yourself especially whenever you're feeling some insecurities, and doubts on your self, please, just please, appreciate and love yourself.
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The Person She Wants To Be

She was raised in a fresh air place, Taught to live with values and strengths. Being brave and can stand by herself, Also taught by her loving parents. She is a jolly person, but sometimes a fragile one. She is…

the ugly writers

Sorry My Future Me

These past few days I have always thought of quitting because there's nothing going on in my way. I feel so depressed because I can't understand a little thing and all I know to stop this is to quit it.