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When I get jelly

You won’t probably feel it.But it is between I make love to you.  Jealous, to the idea that I am sharing my whole self to you. Hoping you’ll leave a piece of me.  Don’t take everything –  Leave some pieces…
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It is creeping in like a shadow in the night The words I wanted to say remains like a still moonlight. Why do I feel heaviness inside of me? Why do I feel like I am going to burst like…
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Read My Mind

We are out on a date you set up, and I am here wondering, why do you have to tell me how pretty the woman in the other table. I don’t like this feeling. But I’m left to smile and…

That thing called JEALOUSY!

Like cavities forming anywhere in my teeth. Somehow unwanted, But I can’t help it! It’s like wrinkles, Forming on my forehead. It’s quite wonderful to age. Yet, something I want to fade. That thing called jealousy.