Letting go


I will never forget that time when we danced the night away. That time when it was only you and me, heart to heart, no words exchanged.

00:00 Hours

I made it at 00:00.
Since there are no deafening sounds from monsters trying to destroy me. There is no light bulb forcing me to write about you. Lastly, I made it since my soul endures the pain without you.


I opted to move on as the days passed by
Without hesitations, I tried and tried
When I came back, you did it again
You brought me back to where we began

Letting Go and New Beginnings

How was my 2017? It was all about losing some and gaining some. I decided to let go of the people who made me feel like I’m hard to love. It was all about loving the sound of my footsteps walking away from the things that I know is not for me.