This is the letter you will never get to read. If I could have those days again, I surely would have done better so you would stay longer. It was everyday that I wished you talked to me more often because I kept on holding back. I was afraid to Read more…

No More

I don’t think you have even the slightest idea How much I hurt How difficult it is to move on from the past Because the pain, the pain you caused persists No matter how many times I try and pick myself up The countless times I tried to disguise tears Read more…


Have you ever done something you never really wanted Been with someone you never really cared for Been anywhere you didn’t want to be in Stuck at a situation But still go through with it? Simply because you have no choice So you do it You stick around You stay Read more…


I feel like I am losing you. I feel like Im losing myself too. The thought of me staying just because I couldn’t live without you I couldn’t breathe without you. Struggling between me leaving and me staying. I am drowning with your presence But my presence was drowning with Read more…

One Day Soon

While you are enjoying the company of others. Here I am for the nth time thinking if you will ever think of me.

While you are busy ignoring me. You’re teaching me how to forget you.

While you are busy not noticing my existence. You are teaching me how to move on from you.

While you are busy flirting with different girls. You are teaching me how to free myself from you.

One day my mind will just stop thinking of you
One day my whole being will stop missing you.
One day my heart will just stop from loving you.

One day I will move on and will forget that you ever existed.

One day soon, I’ll be over you.


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Dust in the wind

You are my favorite what ifs but maybes don’t guarantee a lifetime of feelings – nor does reality I am getting over the butterflies you’ve given  me. In all of a sudden those fireworks are now  ashes – flying away from me. And you are now a dust in the Read more…


Ikaw ang syang nagaarin ng plumaheng nalalagas sa aking mga pak-pak sa tuwing lumalagapak galing sa matayog na paglipad. Sa bawat araw na pahiram na mga ngiti at  humahal na sandali paglagos ng aking mga daulat ay gumagaan kapara ng isang lobong umaakyat sa bughaw na himpapawid Ang iyong saysay Read more…