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We’re the type that can get lost in a bookstore. I would be in the sci-fi section but we would meet halfway in poetry. He is passionate about literature and that is one of the things I adore about him. He understands my need to read Lang Leav and Haruki Murakami in the middle of the night.

Stop wishing and start dropping these things that weigh you down!

If you really want to be happy, adventurous, and to live your life as if no one’s watching you, learn to drop these things that weigh you down!

Online Dating 101 theuglywriters

Online Dating 101: Getting a Smart Girl to Respond

Sometimes, for whatever strange reason, we find solace in online dating. But how does one effectively date online? Here are Margaux’ effective tips on getting a smart girl to respond.

Ten reasons online dating doesn’t work for me

I don’t want you to go through the same phase and waste your time and money on such sites. So, I am giving you ten reasons why these online dating sites did not prove good for me.

Hashtag Relationship Goals

#Magical #Unbelievable #Ideal #GrandslamAwardee You were always the office crush, the humble one, the most gentleman, the one with the kindest heart.   #MostPasaway I was always the opposite.   #Wavelength The connection that we have is undoubtedly one of a kind. We have a lot of interests in common. Our opinions are always of…


Tips in Preventing Eye Abuse on Screen Displays

Whether you are studying, working, having fun or just staying home, our eyes are unpreventably glued to these LCD/LED screens all day. While abusing it can sometimes be overlooked, worse got ignored by most of us, staring on screens for long will damage our eyes from symptoms as minor as itchiness, blurriness and headaches, commonly known as eyes strain

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Best Camera Smartphones of 2017 Under Php 20k

While specs and features level up, the tag price of also go sky rocket on flagship phones like iPhone X, Samsung Note8, Google Pixel 2 or Huawei Mate10. While these phones costs a lot of money, you can also decent camera phones in half the price or less of these flagships, hence, introducing the mid-rangers.

Worldhotels Suggests the “Hottest and Coolest” Ways to Spend the Year-end Festive Season

Be it tropical climates and balmy temperatures, or snuggling up in front of a roaring log fire after taking to the snow-capped ski slopes, Worldhotels proposes both sizzling hot, and sublimely cool destination suggestions for all to journey to during the year-end festivities.

Five Reasons Why The Justice League Rocked!

The Justice League is out now and critics are divided. Know why Justice League rocked!

10 Signs you are Kuripot (Stingy)

Christmas is just around the corner. However, our ninongs and ninangs are the exact opposite. TUW provides you ten signs that you are stingy.

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10 Reasons Why People Quit Their Job

The Ugly Writers lists down ten insanely real reasons why people quit their job.

5 Major Types of F*ckboys

Disclaimer: For mature audience only Probably the soundest dating mantra in the age of hook-up culture is, “no time for fuckboys”. And yet, because of the times we live in, we’re probably going to come across a fuckboy nine times out of ten. And unless we never want to have sex again, we may just…