the ugly writers

Late Night Conversation

And I can't get over you. I cannot just erase you in my mind. I cannot just unlove the spirit that lives in your chest, and just like how you vanished, I cannot convince myself that you were just a mirage from a lucid dream.


​Can’t we not be like the old times?  Am I that easy to forget? Might there be a sliver of chance? Isn’t it time you address this? Longing for you – are youLonging for me too? End my confusionWith your…

I Love You

I Love You

This unbearable longing of being next to you, how can I get over it? When everyday I can’t keep you off my mind, how can I ever forget you? You are still having this effect on me, would you care…

Still living in the past

Your good morning used to greet me as part of my morning routine and sweet dreams as a part of how I end my night. And every day I am waiting for a beep in a hope you’ll text me…