The Otherwise

The Otherwise

You kept me hanging. I hate you for ensuring your power over me. You got addicted to the controlling power you have over me. Maybe I was just a convenience to you. However, you know that you can do everything that you want with or without me.

the ugly writers

My brave love

To the girl I know who can get through anything. Dysfunctional family fights. Messed up school system. Sibling fights. Heartbreaks. Ended friendships. The worst of the worst. Whenever the world hurts you, I know you fake a smile and keep on going as if nothing happened, as if everything’s okay, Read more…

Siyam dapat

Tumatakbo.. Kahit saan man patungo Tumatakbo.. Sa lugar na hindi sigurado Tumatakbo.. Kasabay ng ikot ng mundo Binabalewala ang pagod Tumatakbo.. Baka sakali makalimot kahit paano.. Huminto ako, umupo. Bumuntong hininga at tumingala sa langit.. Nagtatanong sa isip, at kumakapa sa puso kung naroon pa din ang sakit.. Dalawang taon Read more…