Love Notes

Uncommonly Nobodies

Our love was strong enough, But we decided not to fight for it; When it was leaving, We only held it loose, When it had left, We just let it go — Like we never had anything in common, Nothing we shared, the least, in solitude — Like we were but nobodies to each other; […]

My brave love

To the girl I know who can get through anything. Dysfunctional family fights. Messed up school system. Sibling fights. Heartbreaks. Ended friendships. The worst of the worst. Whenever the world hurts you, I know you fake a smile and keep on going as if nothing happened, as if everything’s okay, as if you’re perfectly fine, […]

The Ghost of You

“I’ve been a train wreck since you left. There are days when I swear I’m fine but then one trigger from you makes my hands shake so much that I spilled my coffee. I’m half insane here living with the ghost of you, the way you kiss my hands, your scent, your hands. You’ve left […]

How To Avoid Heartbreak

How to Avoid a Heartbreak

By Marisse Lee

How To Mend A Broken Heart

How to Mend a Broken Heart

By Marisse Lee

Siyam dapat

Tumatakbo.. Kahit saan man patungo Tumatakbo.. Sa lugar na hindi sigurado Tumatakbo.. Kasabay ng ikot ng mundo Binabalewala ang pagod Tumatakbo.. Baka sakali makalimot kahit paano.. Huminto ako, umupo. Bumuntong hininga at tumingala sa langit.. Nagtatanong sa isip, at kumakapa sa puso kung naroon pa din ang sakit.. Dalawang taon na pala ang dumaan, Kamusta […]

Human Heart by R

“The Human Heart works 24 hours a day. 7 days a week from the day you were born up until the day the person you love starts loving someone else.”   Credits to the owner of the post: R / [B]

Noon, Ngayon at sa Susunod na P...

Kung ang kamay ko ay kusang lumalapit sa mga kamay mo hahawakan mo ba ito? Kung ang paa ko ay sadyang sumusunod sa mga paa mo sasabayan mo ba ako? Para tayong hangin na kusang magpaparamdam ng lamig na nanunuot sa ating kalamnan at naghahanap ng init na papatay sa ginaw na ating nararamdaman. Kung […]


Somebody told me I am just jealous because it’s her you are always talking to. Whenever she’s around I am always being ignored. For you, she is the center of everything. For you, she is always the best. I feel I am ignored or maybe, I am jealous. Is this funny? Is this something to […]

Karma and Regrets

Did you have enough courage to tell someone you love them? Were you able to show them how much you like them? Once someone has told me that he likes me but at that time i thought that was just a lame joke he is playing on me. So i just didn’t pay much attention. […]

Our Horizon

Hi, have we met before? Maybe not. Maybe not yet. Either you are not yet in the horizon, or you have been just around the corner the whole time but you have not come to take notice of me in a special way. I hope to meet you soon. I can patiently wait for that […]


You never gave me a glimpse of your scar. Just like an ink in a piece of paper, it was permanent. Final. A piece of torn skin mended by time. Still, a permanent reminder of something that had been gruesome. I never understood why you never made me look at it, even once. I do […]