Through the years, we have been branded by our religious views, gender preference, skin color and body shape. We create standards for each other to be socially acceptable.

Saging Queen – Birit Queen

Ako nga pala si Malena, dalawampung taong gulang. “Saging Queen” kung tawagin sa amin, “Birit Queen” naman ang palayaw ng iba. Isa kasi sa pamamaraan ng pagtawag ko sa aking mga suki ay ang pagkanta. Naaaliw kasi sila madalas 'pag naririnig nila akong kumakanta.


Basilio told his mother what happened. The senior sacristan took him and crispin away and told them that they could not leave until ten oçlock without kissing the sacristan on the lips, but both brothers didn’t want to. And just decided to run away.


The next night Basilio went home grasping and bloody with a near-missed shot on his leg. He was running so fast because there are people chasing after him. These people are the armed ones who shot the man along street blocks away from their home. The intention of this men are not yet clear to him but he is very afraid. He thought maybe they saw him passed that street during the crime and might be a witness for it.